Nutrition knowlodge is Wrong, sorry to say. But someone has to say it.

I’m a cashier at a Walmart.  Every day I see people buying cart full of stuff that I know is bad for them. They buy cereal, special k products, Tons of tv dinners, reduced fat, fat free, light items, I just wanna ask them WHY? But I already know the answer to the question.  Its because they believe its healthy for them,  They been taught their whole lives that fat is bad for you.  In order to be healthy, they need to eat cardboard tasting food, to stay thin, or try to get their cholesterol down, or control diabetes.  or avoid heart disease.

I hate to burst your bubble but everything you about nutrition is pretty much wrong. Fat is actually want your body wants and needs.  it helps the brain. It helps you stay full longer.  Helps gives you energy after you switched over from eating carbs for energy over to fat burning mode for energy. There is NO link between cholesterol and heart disease.  Fat doesn’t rise the bad cholesterol.  Fat doesn’t rise your sugar levels.  You don’t need whole grains in your diet.  Sugar is not good for you either.  Bread, pasta, anything with flour or sugar, rice.  Just to name a few.

What you do want,   REAL butter, not the fake stuff. All full fat food items, like sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cheese,  I like buying the block cheese and shredding it myself, then I know it doesn’t have anything in it that I don’t want, like potato starch, or some other thing in it you can’t even pronounce.

Meat is also good for you. I like to buy bacon, chicken with the skin on it, well marbled steaks, which is a treat,  chicken wings, I buy chicken breasts once in awhile but I add a sauce to it, like a cream cheese or sour cream sauce, anything to add fat to it.  makes it taste so much butter.  I also love eating the fat from my rib eye steaks. and I get dirty looks when I look at my hubby giving the dog his fat from his steaks, At least the dog and I are enjoying it. Hubby’ s or the kids are  on plan yet, but am working on it.  Trust, I’m trying.  Stubborn and picky as can be eaters  family 🙂

I buy some veggies and some fruit. But only if I’m in the mood for it, since it seems I’m the only one eating them. I do buy potatoes or sweet potatoes for the rest of the family to eat on the days I can cook dinner. Its better than the boxed stuff hubby likes cooking,  We’re slowing running out.  I buy onions, garlic, bell peppers, avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mostly,   gonna try the mashed cauliflower recipe again,  there’s a few recipes out there for them.  I’ll post what I did to mine last time I made them,  They ate them, and they didn’t even noticed.

If you haven’t yet,  watch the Fathead movie.   its free on

read why we get fat by Gary Taubes.

read A New Atkins for a New You.

Anything that explains how low carb works