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Get the coupons out the Sunday papers.

If you think  you can’t afford to do a high fat/low carb diet for the family or for yourself.  The answer to that is YES you can.  Here’s one way that can help.  Get the coupons out of the Sunday paper every week.  You can either buy the paper, (I usually buy 3 copies.)  or you can ask family, friends or nieghbors if they get the paper on Sundays and if they don’t use the coupons, Ask them to save them for you, collect them from whoever is saving them for you every week.  I just cut out the ones I know i’ll use, I see some for cheese, some meats, some canned veggies once in awhile.  I use mostly the non-food coupons tho, The money I save from them goes towards butter, meats, sour cream, cheese, cream cheese, heavy cream, eggs veggies, fruits. Etc.

There are several sites online that will tell you when and where to use the coupons at for the best deals, stock up on the non food items for a couple months when they hit the list of whatever site you want to use.  It honestly does not take me that long. you don’;t need to spend more than maybe 30 mins to an hour cutting out coupons or looking for good deals.  when I check the lists, i only click the items i want and will actually use.

And since you’re not buying a bunch of boxed/canned processed stuff, you’ll use the money towards the food you will be eating.  Saving money that way. I noticed I spend maybe about $100 every couple weeks for a family of 4. and it lasts.  Right now the kids eat free breakfasts and lunches at school, but am planning on getting them to start taking their lunch to school and eating breakfast at home. I’m just not a morning person.  Working on that…

the site I use is http://www.grocerygame.com i use two stores out of all the lists.  and it does all the work for me, i don:t even have to look at the sales ads.

I stock up on meat if i see some on marked down and it still looks good.  or stock up on whats on sale for the week. you can freeze a bunch of meat.  block cheese also freezes well.

you don’t have to stock a bunch at the same time, just build a small stock pile to start out with,  it helps.

a couple of list sites you can use is



I’m sure there are others out there, these are the two I know of for sure,.