Totally new to the blogging world

Bare with me, I never done this before, so i have no clue as to what I’m doing. Thought it might be interesting. 

A little about myself, i guess. 🙂

I’m 37 years old.  I’m a cashier at Walmart. Since May of 2009, I been on a high fat/low carb diet on and off.  Am trying to get seriously about it and actually stay on plan.  It doesn’t help with the hubby and kids want foods that I know i shouldn’t eat. I have been buying less and less of the processed stuff tho.  Am also trying to get them to eat high fat/low carb as well since its better for them. Also been trying to get my mom and aunts to eat this way too, it would seriously help them feel 100% better. but no go. 

I have two daughters, one who is 10 years old and is just about taller than me, I’m only 4’11. my youngest is 8 years old but is on the short side.  should see her against the other third graders, she’s short. looks like a first/second grader.  I’ve had a few people tell me she’s short for her age, and i say, “Well, look at her mother, I’m short too,”

i been married for eight years.  We met in a yahoo chat room. talked online for about 6 months give or take before we tried meeting. We had planned on meeting at a gas station, But i went to the wrong one. So that didn’t work out. But we continued to talk online for a couple more months before we decided to try and meet again. We met. had a great time that night. The rest is history 🙂

Guess I’ll close this for now. cuz I have no idea what else to write at the moment. Also I’m tired, as its 2:30am.

the picture of me, was from a couple years ago, give or take.  I couldn’t find any current ones.  I’ll have to get some taken soon.