Its ok to say no,

As the Holidays draw closer. They’ll be family gatherings, parties, food at work to attend to. You may be tempted to have some sort of surgary snack or high carb food item that you know isn’t good for you. Remember you do have the right to refuse anything you don’t want to eat. Its YOUR body after all. You’re stuck with it for life. So treat it GOOD.

If you have fallen off this way of eating wagon before, and you felt sicker than a dog. Remember what it felt like the next time you are tempted and decide to eat something off plan. Think to yourself,  Would it really be worth it?

If there’s other people you know like family or friends that you know would benefit from a high fat/low carb life style or just trying to get them to eat healthy, lead by example. Make healthy food choices during the holidays. Just maybe by watching you and what you eat.  And seeing how you get to eat all kinds of yummy good looking food and how you look and feel, they’ll soon follow.  I would love to see my hubby and my relatives get on board.  Would seriously help them out.  They all have diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. But they say I’m on a fast track to heart disease, etc from all the fat I’m eating,  but yet I never felt better in my life eating this way.  No more kidney stones, I’m not missing the pounding headaches I used to get. hardly anymore cold sores, and I used to get them every couple months or so.  I don’t know about anyone else but I feel GREAT, 

If you’re going to a party or need something for work, take in a snack for everyone to share that’s low carb.  Lots of options out there to choose from. For example, Ham rolls, can use green onions or colored bell pepper stripes if someone doesn’t like onions.   or a tray with cheese cubes, pepperoni, salami slices, just skip the crackers.  deviled eggs or meatballs with a low carb sauce,  etc.  

By learning to say no when you need to, you’ll feel better about the way you feel and you’ll learn that you have control over what you eat. You’ll go into the new year feeling proud of yourself. This way of eating will get easier as time goes on. Especially when other people learn that you don’t eat crappy food anymore. And Hopefully they’ll soon follow with this way of eating. Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year.






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