Giving up pop.

A little over a year ago, I decided to give up alcohol. I never really did like the taste of it. Never did finished any of the drinks I made for myself, So I figured it’ll be cheaper on the wallet if I gave it up.  Wasn’t that hard to. And I don’t miss it.

So about three Fridays ago, I decided to see how long I could go without pop or soda as some might know it as. I used to drink regular pop on a daily basics. Couldn’t tell how many I cans or glasses I was drinking in a day. But it was a lot. Then went I started my low carb journey I switched over to diet pop. I was maybe drinking 2-3 a day for awhile then I cut back some more to maybe 1 a day if that. Then last time I was sick from eating some chinese take out. yea I know, not on plan and I paid the price not too long after eating it.  Was sick to my stomach for over a day. at least it was upset. I deicded to see how long I could go without any pop, figured it would be hard but it hasn’t been so far. There are days where I want a pop. But i end up drinking some sugar free tea that’s sweeten a bit with splenda. or water. or once in awhile I’ll have a small glass of whole milk. I just had to deal with the caffeine headaches. Just say I was drinking a LOT more water than what’s normal for me. Now I seem to prefer water over anything else at the moment. which is a good thing I think. Since water is Sooooo Good for you. and cheaper on the wallet.  I like it best at room temperature.  You may have to find out the best way you like water. Some like it REALLY cold as my hubby does. or others like me, like it room temp. others like it with a bit of lemon. Just find a way so you can get it in you some how.  Your body will thank you for it.


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