Hanging out with dad for a bit.

Today when my dad and I went to Sam’s club so I could use his membership to pick up a few items. When I got in the car, I mentioned I was still a little hungry after eating my last 3 poppers I made last night for dinner. He offered to go to burger king and get us a whopper. I told him no thanks. He even said I’ll buy. But I told him that they didn’t taste very good to me anymore especially the last time I got one.  (You can eat one without the bun if you really wanted one.) After that he offered me a snickers bar. I passed on that too explaining to him that it would probably be TOO sweet for me now. He just shrugged his shoulders.  Then after we checked out at Sam’s. He asked if i wanted a hot dog.  By this point, I wasn’t hungry anymore. So I passed on the offer again.  (You can have one without the bun if you wanted one.)

I know Dad’s heart is in the right place but I didn’t want to cave in and have something I know i shouldn’t.  The headache I would probably get from it is not worth it. especially if I ate the bun or the snickers bar. I’m trying really hard to stay on track this time around. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gone off track.  Also don’t want to hear from the hubby,  “So much for your diet.”  anymore.   So if you go out with family members or friends and they offer you something you know you shouldn’t be eating. Say No thank you. or if you go to a restaurant. Try to get a meal that’s low carb as possible, They will most liking worth with you. YOU just have to NOT be afraid to ask for what you want. YOU are the customer.  Ignore what your friends, or family say or react.  They’ll see the results in given time by you eating this way. And if they say anything negative about it. Tell them “Its your body and you want to treat it nicely by giving it what it really wants. or say Deal with it, I’m eating it, not you. 🙂    or don’t say anything at all. 

Yesterday I had a new low on the scale. Even had to pick the scale up to make sure nothing was under it. It read 154.8 lbs.    my goal that I had set for myself was 155.   now i set a new goal 150.  I like to set small goals. It seems easier and you’re not letting yourself down as much if you set a bigger one. today the scale said 155.6.   But its no big deal, I know the weight well bounce around all over the place. So don’t get discouraged if yours does too.  It’s NORMAL.


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