When I started the Atkins diet.

It was sometime in May of 2009 when I noticed i was close to 180lbs. and since I’m only 4’11. I was carrying around a little extra weight. I wasn’t happy with the way i looked. Also didn’t want to hit 200 lbs. A couple years back I tried the atkins diet, At the time I thought it was just meat, cheese, bacon. I was going by what I heard about the diet. Never actually read anything on it at the time. I did lose weight but about a month or two in, I gave up on it for some reason. Don’t think I really had one.

But in 2009, I decided to look up low carb diets, cause I knew it worked for me, and I came across the Atkins website. read that. Then joined the forums on it. Was on there for a couple years. I also got the Dangr book, Dr. Atkins New Revolution.  I read about half of it.  If that.  I still have it somewhere. I also have the new atkins for a new you.

For the first month, I lost about 8 lbs.  Everyone at work couldn’t believe how much I was eating. and lose weight. In June I had to have emergency surgery on my gall bladder.  It had shriveled up and was causing lots of pain.  So out it came. Hubby thought my low carb diet was the cause of it.  i still wasn’t quite eating all the fat I should of been at the time but was eating more than I used to. I told him if it was the diet that caused it. It would of taken more than a month to do that much damaged.

Ever since May of 2009, I would go on and off the diet.  In 2012.  I had been off for quite awhile. About half a year give or take. Someone in a group that I’m in, told me about the Fat Head movie.  On december 31. I watched it twice. It was a good movie. and in another group kept talking about Super Size me.  so I watched that one too.  Wished I didn’t. Had a couple scenes in the movie, that should of totally been left out and thought it was stupid. That’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.  But the Fat Head movie. I really enjoyed. If you haven’t seen it yet. It’s free on http://www.Hula.com  

Another reason I want to do a High fat/low carb diet, is that Jan, we found out my hubby has diabetes and high blood pressure. Not sure what his cholesterol is like.  My guess is NOT good.   I never had a problem with my sugar levels except when I was pregnant with both kids. No problems with high blood pressure, never had my cholesterol checked but I will soon, cause my mom, aunts, and a few friends seem to think its through the roof from all the fat I’m eating. I’ll post the results when I get them.

In my family, my mom and two of her sisters (only ones i know about) have diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. my grandfather on my mom’s side passed away at 52 from heart disease. I was around 4 or 5 so I don’t remember him. I don’t want to go through any of the medical problems they have. Mom is 53, from what I know, she’s had 5 heart attacks, a triple by pass and has a pace maker. Thanks but no thanks.  I’ve tried getting hubby, my mom, and my aunts to try a high fat low carb diet. but they insist its REALLY BAD for you.  I say if its so bad for you, how come I never get POUNDING headaches anymore unless I get something by mistake that had something in it I shouldn’t of.  I still get them, just NO where near as bad. They’re getting better. I also have more energy. Heartburn went away. my neck stopped twitching. Only does it once in a great while now.  and my so called breathing problem eased up.  Not exactly sure what the problem is but I always seem to want to suddenly inhale air. like I was surprised or scared by something. The dr. doesn’t know I do it. For some strange reason I will not do it at the dr. office and i been doing it for YEARS. Also another thing I noticed. I hardly have cold sores anymore. Used to get them every couple of months. 

I’m not hungry all the time. Not waking up in the morning coughing my brains out till I get sick cause I was hungry. (weird I know but did that) Since I found out that I needed to up my salt intake from someone in a group on facebook, I’m not getting dizzy anymore and actually staying on plan more often. Am hoping to actually one of these days STAY totally on plan. As of right now I’m down to 157lbs the last time I checked.

Now I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me, I have 3 VERY picky eaters.  Hubby doesn’t like veggies, insists on his pop, bread and pasta. my oldest daughter, doesn’t like veggies, eats tons of pasta and some bread. the youngest is the worse, says she doesn’t like meat, doesn’t like veggies, eats a lot of corn, insist fat is bad for you. And I’m here trying to get them to quit eating the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. Granted I have been buying less and less of the bad stuff.  It really helps that I just don’t have the money for it. I will continue to try and get them to eat better. 


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