Have a wonderful happy new year :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays,   and had a wonderful and safe new years.

If you decided to try and lose weight, why not try out a high fat/low carb diet.  you’ll feel and look much better.  and best part is you’re hardly ever hungry anymore,  I don’t know about you but I enjoy not being hungry a couple hours later after eating.  There’s all kinds of help out there to help you get started,  You can read “A new atkins for a new you,”  watch the movie “Fathead” I’ll post the link. its free to watch online.  You can watch Jimmy Moore’s youtube videos,  He has about 99 videos give or take, most are 10 minutes long. 

There are lots of low carb recipe sites out there,  If you do a search for low carb recipe in your favorite search program a bunch will show up.

Yes its OK to eat eggs and bacon everyday for breakfast if you choose to, it won’t kill you.   You can eat the fat from steaks if you choose to. its my favorite part, and I give my hushand a dirty look everytime he gives his to the dog.  at least the dog and I are enjoying it.  Hubby is still stuck on fat is bad for you.  still working on him and the kids.  you can have chicken with the skin.  you can have real butter, bacon grease in your veggies, fry your eggs in, whatever you like to do. just don’t throw out the grease from the bacon.  that’s BAD.  when you shop for sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc, make sure you get the full fat kind, not the lite or reduce or fat free crap.

Fathead movie  http://www.hulu.com/watch/196879

Jimmy Moore’s videos  http://www.youtube.com/livinlowcarbman



A new atkins for a new you.

Good calories, bad calories by Gary Tuabes

Why we get fat. by Gary Tuabes

Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore

Wheat Belly, not sure who its by.

just to name a few.




Its ok to say no,

As the Holidays draw closer. They’ll be family gatherings, parties, food at work to attend to. You may be tempted to have some sort of surgary snack or high carb food item that you know isn’t good for you. Remember you do have the right to refuse anything you don’t want to eat. Its YOUR body after all. You’re stuck with it for life. So treat it GOOD.

If you have fallen off this way of eating wagon before, and you felt sicker than a dog. Remember what it felt like the next time you are tempted and decide to eat something off plan. Think to yourself,  Would it really be worth it?

If there’s other people you know like family or friends that you know would benefit from a high fat/low carb life style or just trying to get them to eat healthy, lead by example. Make healthy food choices during the holidays. Just maybe by watching you and what you eat.  And seeing how you get to eat all kinds of yummy good looking food and how you look and feel, they’ll soon follow.  I would love to see my hubby and my relatives get on board.  Would seriously help them out.  They all have diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. But they say I’m on a fast track to heart disease, etc from all the fat I’m eating,  but yet I never felt better in my life eating this way.  No more kidney stones, I’m not missing the pounding headaches I used to get. hardly anymore cold sores, and I used to get them every couple months or so.  I don’t know about anyone else but I feel GREAT, 

If you’re going to a party or need something for work, take in a snack for everyone to share that’s low carb.  Lots of options out there to choose from. For example, Ham rolls, can use green onions or colored bell pepper stripes if someone doesn’t like onions.   or a tray with cheese cubes, pepperoni, salami slices, just skip the crackers.  deviled eggs or meatballs with a low carb sauce,  etc.  

By learning to say no when you need to, you’ll feel better about the way you feel and you’ll learn that you have control over what you eat. You’ll go into the new year feeling proud of yourself. This way of eating will get easier as time goes on. Especially when other people learn that you don’t eat crappy food anymore. And Hopefully they’ll soon follow with this way of eating. Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year.





Get the coupons out the Sunday papers.

If you think  you can’t afford to do a high fat/low carb diet for the family or for yourself.  The answer to that is YES you can.  Here’s one way that can help.  Get the coupons out of the Sunday paper every week.  You can either buy the paper, (I usually buy 3 copies.)  or you can ask family, friends or nieghbors if they get the paper on Sundays and if they don’t use the coupons, Ask them to save them for you, collect them from whoever is saving them for you every week.  I just cut out the ones I know i’ll use, I see some for cheese, some meats, some canned veggies once in awhile.  I use mostly the non-food coupons tho, The money I save from them goes towards butter, meats, sour cream, cheese, cream cheese, heavy cream, eggs veggies, fruits. Etc.

There are several sites online that will tell you when and where to use the coupons at for the best deals, stock up on the non food items for a couple months when they hit the list of whatever site you want to use.  It honestly does not take me that long. you don’;t need to spend more than maybe 30 mins to an hour cutting out coupons or looking for good deals.  when I check the lists, i only click the items i want and will actually use.

And since you’re not buying a bunch of boxed/canned processed stuff, you’ll use the money towards the food you will be eating.  Saving money that way. I noticed I spend maybe about $100 every couple weeks for a family of 4. and it lasts.  Right now the kids eat free breakfasts and lunches at school, but am planning on getting them to start taking their lunch to school and eating breakfast at home. I’m just not a morning person.  Working on that…

the site I use is http://www.grocerygame.com i use two stores out of all the lists.  and it does all the work for me, i don:t even have to look at the sales ads.

I stock up on meat if i see some on marked down and it still looks good.  or stock up on whats on sale for the week. you can freeze a bunch of meat.  block cheese also freezes well.

you don’t have to stock a bunch at the same time, just build a small stock pile to start out with,  it helps.

a couple of list sites you can use is



I’m sure there are others out there, these are the two I know of for sure,.

Mashed Cauliflower

My recipe for Mashed Cauliflower

1 bag frozen cauliflower

heavy cream




a couple of garlic cloves

boil the cauliflower till its fork tender with the garlic.  Drain mashed the cauliflower add the cream, butter, seasonings,

i rarely measure anything unless I’m actually doing a recipe by someone else.  so use as much of each as you want,

you can also use sour cream, or cheese or add bacon and the bacon grease.  there’s all kinds of ways to make mashed cauliflower,  JUST DON”T TELL ANYONE what it is.  Especially if you have picky eaters like I do.

hope you enjoy.

Nutrition knowlodge is Wrong, sorry to say. But someone has to say it.

I’m a cashier at a Walmart.  Every day I see people buying cart full of stuff that I know is bad for them. They buy cereal, special k products, Tons of tv dinners, reduced fat, fat free, light items, I just wanna ask them WHY? But I already know the answer to the question.  Its because they believe its healthy for them,  They been taught their whole lives that fat is bad for you.  In order to be healthy, they need to eat cardboard tasting food, to stay thin, or try to get their cholesterol down, or control diabetes.  or avoid heart disease.

I hate to burst your bubble but everything you about nutrition is pretty much wrong. Fat is actually want your body wants and needs.  it helps the brain. It helps you stay full longer.  Helps gives you energy after you switched over from eating carbs for energy over to fat burning mode for energy. There is NO link between cholesterol and heart disease.  Fat doesn’t rise the bad cholesterol.  Fat doesn’t rise your sugar levels.  You don’t need whole grains in your diet.  Sugar is not good for you either.  Bread, pasta, anything with flour or sugar, rice.  Just to name a few.

What you do want,   REAL butter, not the fake stuff. All full fat food items, like sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cheese,  I like buying the block cheese and shredding it myself, then I know it doesn’t have anything in it that I don’t want, like potato starch, or some other thing in it you can’t even pronounce.

Meat is also good for you. I like to buy bacon, chicken with the skin on it, well marbled steaks, which is a treat,  chicken wings, I buy chicken breasts once in awhile but I add a sauce to it, like a cream cheese or sour cream sauce, anything to add fat to it.  makes it taste so much butter.  I also love eating the fat from my rib eye steaks. and I get dirty looks when I look at my hubby giving the dog his fat from his steaks, At least the dog and I are enjoying it. Hubby’ s or the kids are  on plan yet, but am working on it.  Trust, I’m trying.  Stubborn and picky as can be eaters  family 🙂

I buy some veggies and some fruit. But only if I’m in the mood for it, since it seems I’m the only one eating them. I do buy potatoes or sweet potatoes for the rest of the family to eat on the days I can cook dinner. Its better than the boxed stuff hubby likes cooking,  We’re slowing running out.  I buy onions, garlic, bell peppers, avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mostly,   gonna try the mashed cauliflower recipe again,  there’s a few recipes out there for them.  I’ll post what I did to mine last time I made them,  They ate them, and they didn’t even noticed.

If you haven’t yet,  watch the Fathead movie.   its free on http://www.hulu.com

read why we get fat by Gary Taubes.

read A New Atkins for a New You.

Anything that explains how low carb works












Giving up pop.

A little over a year ago, I decided to give up alcohol. I never really did like the taste of it. Never did finished any of the drinks I made for myself, So I figured it’ll be cheaper on the wallet if I gave it up.  Wasn’t that hard to. And I don’t miss it.

So about three Fridays ago, I decided to see how long I could go without pop or soda as some might know it as. I used to drink regular pop on a daily basics. Couldn’t tell how many I cans or glasses I was drinking in a day. But it was a lot. Then went I started my low carb journey I switched over to diet pop. I was maybe drinking 2-3 a day for awhile then I cut back some more to maybe 1 a day if that. Then last time I was sick from eating some chinese take out. yea I know, not on plan and I paid the price not too long after eating it.  Was sick to my stomach for over a day. at least it was upset. I deicded to see how long I could go without any pop, figured it would be hard but it hasn’t been so far. There are days where I want a pop. But i end up drinking some sugar free tea that’s sweeten a bit with splenda. or water. or once in awhile I’ll have a small glass of whole milk. I just had to deal with the caffeine headaches. Just say I was drinking a LOT more water than what’s normal for me. Now I seem to prefer water over anything else at the moment. which is a good thing I think. Since water is Sooooo Good for you. and cheaper on the wallet.  I like it best at room temperature.  You may have to find out the best way you like water. Some like it REALLY cold as my hubby does. or others like me, like it room temp. others like it with a bit of lemon. Just find a way so you can get it in you some how.  Your body will thank you for it.

Hanging out with dad for a bit.

Today when my dad and I went to Sam’s club so I could use his membership to pick up a few items. When I got in the car, I mentioned I was still a little hungry after eating my last 3 poppers I made last night for dinner. He offered to go to burger king and get us a whopper. I told him no thanks. He even said I’ll buy. But I told him that they didn’t taste very good to me anymore especially the last time I got one.  (You can eat one without the bun if you really wanted one.) After that he offered me a snickers bar. I passed on that too explaining to him that it would probably be TOO sweet for me now. He just shrugged his shoulders.  Then after we checked out at Sam’s. He asked if i wanted a hot dog.  By this point, I wasn’t hungry anymore. So I passed on the offer again.  (You can have one without the bun if you wanted one.)

I know Dad’s heart is in the right place but I didn’t want to cave in and have something I know i shouldn’t.  The headache I would probably get from it is not worth it. especially if I ate the bun or the snickers bar. I’m trying really hard to stay on track this time around. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gone off track.  Also don’t want to hear from the hubby,  “So much for your diet.”  anymore.   So if you go out with family members or friends and they offer you something you know you shouldn’t be eating. Say No thank you. or if you go to a restaurant. Try to get a meal that’s low carb as possible, They will most liking worth with you. YOU just have to NOT be afraid to ask for what you want. YOU are the customer.  Ignore what your friends, or family say or react.  They’ll see the results in given time by you eating this way. And if they say anything negative about it. Tell them “Its your body and you want to treat it nicely by giving it what it really wants. or say Deal with it, I’m eating it, not you. 🙂    or don’t say anything at all. 

Yesterday I had a new low on the scale. Even had to pick the scale up to make sure nothing was under it. It read 154.8 lbs.    my goal that I had set for myself was 155.   now i set a new goal 150.  I like to set small goals. It seems easier and you’re not letting yourself down as much if you set a bigger one. today the scale said 155.6.   But its no big deal, I know the weight well bounce around all over the place. So don’t get discouraged if yours does too.  It’s NORMAL.

When I started the Atkins diet.

It was sometime in May of 2009 when I noticed i was close to 180lbs. and since I’m only 4’11. I was carrying around a little extra weight. I wasn’t happy with the way i looked. Also didn’t want to hit 200 lbs. A couple years back I tried the atkins diet, At the time I thought it was just meat, cheese, bacon. I was going by what I heard about the diet. Never actually read anything on it at the time. I did lose weight but about a month or two in, I gave up on it for some reason. Don’t think I really had one.

But in 2009, I decided to look up low carb diets, cause I knew it worked for me, and I came across the Atkins website. read that. Then joined the forums on it. Was on there for a couple years. I also got the Dangr book, Dr. Atkins New Revolution.  I read about half of it.  If that.  I still have it somewhere. I also have the new atkins for a new you.

For the first month, I lost about 8 lbs.  Everyone at work couldn’t believe how much I was eating. and lose weight. In June I had to have emergency surgery on my gall bladder.  It had shriveled up and was causing lots of pain.  So out it came. Hubby thought my low carb diet was the cause of it.  i still wasn’t quite eating all the fat I should of been at the time but was eating more than I used to. I told him if it was the diet that caused it. It would of taken more than a month to do that much damaged.

Ever since May of 2009, I would go on and off the diet.  In 2012.  I had been off for quite awhile. About half a year give or take. Someone in a group that I’m in, told me about the Fat Head movie.  On december 31. I watched it twice. It was a good movie. and in another group kept talking about Super Size me.  so I watched that one too.  Wished I didn’t. Had a couple scenes in the movie, that should of totally been left out and thought it was stupid. That’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.  But the Fat Head movie. I really enjoyed. If you haven’t seen it yet. It’s free on http://www.Hula.com  

Another reason I want to do a High fat/low carb diet, is that Jan, we found out my hubby has diabetes and high blood pressure. Not sure what his cholesterol is like.  My guess is NOT good.   I never had a problem with my sugar levels except when I was pregnant with both kids. No problems with high blood pressure, never had my cholesterol checked but I will soon, cause my mom, aunts, and a few friends seem to think its through the roof from all the fat I’m eating. I’ll post the results when I get them.

In my family, my mom and two of her sisters (only ones i know about) have diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. my grandfather on my mom’s side passed away at 52 from heart disease. I was around 4 or 5 so I don’t remember him. I don’t want to go through any of the medical problems they have. Mom is 53, from what I know, she’s had 5 heart attacks, a triple by pass and has a pace maker. Thanks but no thanks.  I’ve tried getting hubby, my mom, and my aunts to try a high fat low carb diet. but they insist its REALLY BAD for you.  I say if its so bad for you, how come I never get POUNDING headaches anymore unless I get something by mistake that had something in it I shouldn’t of.  I still get them, just NO where near as bad. They’re getting better. I also have more energy. Heartburn went away. my neck stopped twitching. Only does it once in a great while now.  and my so called breathing problem eased up.  Not exactly sure what the problem is but I always seem to want to suddenly inhale air. like I was surprised or scared by something. The dr. doesn’t know I do it. For some strange reason I will not do it at the dr. office and i been doing it for YEARS. Also another thing I noticed. I hardly have cold sores anymore. Used to get them every couple of months. 

I’m not hungry all the time. Not waking up in the morning coughing my brains out till I get sick cause I was hungry. (weird I know but did that) Since I found out that I needed to up my salt intake from someone in a group on facebook, I’m not getting dizzy anymore and actually staying on plan more often. Am hoping to actually one of these days STAY totally on plan. As of right now I’m down to 157lbs the last time I checked.

Now I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me, I have 3 VERY picky eaters.  Hubby doesn’t like veggies, insists on his pop, bread and pasta. my oldest daughter, doesn’t like veggies, eats tons of pasta and some bread. the youngest is the worse, says she doesn’t like meat, doesn’t like veggies, eats a lot of corn, insist fat is bad for you. And I’m here trying to get them to quit eating the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. Granted I have been buying less and less of the bad stuff.  It really helps that I just don’t have the money for it. I will continue to try and get them to eat better. 

mini sweet pepper poppers

I came up with these and everyone seems to love them at work or my friends on facebook do too. I will warn you, they are very addicting.

For the recipe, you’ll need

1lb bag mini sweet peppers

2 blocks cream cheese (soften)

2pks of bacon (cut in half)

about 1TBSP  minced shallots, or onions or green onions (whatever you have works)

about 2 tsp paprika

about 2tsp parsley flakes

a cookie sheet that has sides lined with foil (easy clean up the end)

Take the peppers, cut in half length wise, clean them out.

in a bowl, mix the cream cheese, onions, and the seasonings, then using a small spoon fill the peppers, then wrap each one in bacon.

cook in the oven at about 375 till the bacon is done, usually takes about 15-20 minutes, i keep an eye out towards the end.

pour away the extra grease for later use.

and Enjoy 🙂   Image

Can use the Jalapeno peppers too if you want a little kick.